Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design

Kitchen Renovation

Beneath the Magic

Tried and True Once you have entrusted us with your new kitchen project, at CabinetWorksPlus we adhere to a concentrated, methodical, yet expeditious process that has proven itself to be consistently effective and appreciated by our customers. Moreover, we realize that being privy to, and having a complete understanding of our methodologies right from the outset will give you the assurance and confidence you need to carry on with your day to day lives while we're behind the scenes, unobtrusively crafting your new kitchen.

Personable. Meticulous. Exacting.

  1. At signed commencement of the project Cabinet Works customers receive a detailed itemized list of the renovation work to be undertaken and completed.
  2. From fixtures to hardware, all materials required for the project are ordered.
  3. Cabinet Works Project Manager contacts customer to schedule the project and to set a time for an in-home, on-premise meeting to inspect customer's home and to answer any outstanding questions before the work begins.
  4. To confirm the planned start date, Cabinet Works will call approximately one week before the work is scheduled to begin.
  5. The Cabinet Works renovating team and Project Manager meet at the job site.
  6. Removal and disposal of existing cabinets, flooring, walls, bulkheads, etc.
  7. All electrical work is prepared/roughed-in (could include pot-lights, plugs, telephone jacks, etc.).
  8. Plumbing prepared/roughed in.
  9. Hood vent, heat cuts, cold air return work roughed in.
  10. Drywall work from installation of drywall, tape; mudding, and sanding completed to make ready for primer and paint.
  11. Installation of flooring.
  12. Delivery and installation of customized cabinetry.
  13. Templating and installation of countertops (in order to ensure accuracy of fit the template is not initiated until after cabinet installation if the countertops are composed of Soapstone, Corian, Granite, etc. Typically, installation of countertops is done 10 days after the installation of cabinets).
  14. Installation of sink, dishwasher, garburator, filter system, etc.
  15. Installation of hood fan and duct work connection.
  16. Installation of backsplash (could include tile, glass, metal, etc.).
  17. Installation of electrical components (could include plugs, appliance connections, pot-lights, and under-cabinet lighting as may be required).
  18. Trim work (including window trim, door trim, baseboards, etc.).
  19. Painting.
  20. Final inspection.
  21. In-home, post-project meeting with Cabinet Works Project Manager and customer.