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The Way Approaching its applauded second decade of masterful craftsmanship, CabinetWorksPlus continues to be widely recognized, respected, and admired for its reliable and attentive service, visionary methodologies, and precision installation. With fixtures, fittings, and accessories that provide just the right finishing touch, the cabinetry that forms the environmental core of beautiful and functional kitchen and bathrooms are all custom forged from the finest of materials by their hands alone.

Home To add further credibility to the leadership and innovation, their designers, craftspeople... everyone who makes CabinetWorksPlus the force that it has become... have collectively gone beyond the status quo when it comes to discovering and introducing the most coveted of materials for kitchen and bath countertops, sinks, and tile. The material: Green Mountain Soapstone. Hewn by the persistent forces of nature through the millennia, not only is soapstone stunningly beautiful, it is essentially impervious to damage - from scorching heat to invasive spills, it performs, endures, and will stand the test of time.